out for justice meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "out for justice" in a sentence
  • out:    adv. 1.〔位置及运动的方向〕向 ...
  • justice:    n. 1.正义,公道;公正,公平。 ...
  • out of justice:    这就是法
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  1. From now on , you have to care only about me and take me as the best treasure . you shoud deceive nonthing and keep every promise you make . do not make me unhappy and depressed . what you say must be ture and sincere and what you do have to be in my favor . you ought to stand out for justice when i am bullied . love me , love my dog . you are supposed to cheer me up when i get upset . i must be the most precious in your mind , the only one accompanying you in your dreams must be me . that is what it is all about
    “从现在开始,你只许疼我一个人,要宠我,不能骗我,答应我的每一件事都要做到,对我讲的每一句话都要真心,不许欺负我,骂我,要相信我,别人欺负我,你要在第一时间出来帮我,我开心了,你就要陪着我开心,我不开心了,你就要哄我开心,永远都要觉得我是最漂亮的,梦里也要梦到我,在你的心里面只有我,就是这样了。 ”

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