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  • 大约, 或许, ...左右
  • 大约, 左右, 将近
  • 大约,左右
  • 大约,差不多
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  • or:    n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。
  • so:    n. 【音乐】=sol1.
  • and so:    所以,因此;同样; 同样地, 因而, ...
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  1. After a minute or so he had been forced to quit .
  2. It was about an hour or so after he lay down .
  3. Completion of this bridge is expected in a year or so .
  4. Do not forget to turn down the gas after an hour or so .
  5. Does he rampage around like this once a week or so ?

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