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[ 'ɔpʃən ] Pronunciation:   "option" in a sentence   "option" meaning
  • n.
    选择,取舍,选择权,选择自由;可选择的东西;【商业】(在契约有效期可附加一定贴水的)选择买卖的特权。 imprisonment without the option of a fine 不能用罚款代替的禁锢刑。 There are three options in our college. 我们大学里有三种选科。 at one's option 任意,随意。 have no option but to (do) ...除…外别无办法,只好。 leave+More...
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  1. Thus he would have had a deadly option .
  2. You have an option on a piece of land .
  3. There are three options in our college .
  4. There were not many options open to him .
  5. I pondered his options .

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