option strike price meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "option strike price" in a sentence
  • 期权履约价
  • option:    n. 选择,取舍,选择权,选择自由; ...
  • strike:    vt. (struck; struc ...
  • price:    n. 1.价格,价钱;市价;代价;费 ...
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  1. The study analyze the reason for brain drain in high - tech enterprise , and draw the conclusion that lacking the long - term incentive in wage system is the main cause for loss of human resource , so i raise the viewpoint of bringing in the stock options from foreign high - tech corp . . after making a comparative analysis between china and america , and drawing on the experience of foreign counties in this regard . i make a suggestion in stock source , the option striking price in china , which are not contradictory with the existing laws and regulations in our country

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