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[ 'ɔptikəl ] Pronunciation:   "optical" in a sentence   "optical" meaning
  • adj.
    眼的;视觉的;视力的;帮助视力的;光学(上)的。 optical activity 【物理学】旋光性。 an optical axis 光轴〔线〕。 an optical center 光心。 an optical square 直角转光器。 an optical illusion 光幻视。 an optical radar 光雷达。adv.
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  1. Can it be resolved into optical isomers ?
  2. No optical counterpart has been observed .
  3. A kaleidoscope is an optical toy .
  4. Visual tri-stimulus colorimeters are optical devices .
  5. But you won't get a chance to learn the optical trade here .

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