open section meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "open section" in a sentence
  • 开断面
  • 空心断面
  • open:    adj. 1.开着的,开放的;可进入 ...
  • section:    n. 1. (外科、解剖的)切断;切 ...
  • open box section:    u形横截面; 敞开箱形构造截面
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  1. Open section winning design
  2. This opening section will analyse the intricacies of the different approaches
  3. Experimental analysis on composite steel concrete beams with open section under combined flexure and torsion
  4. The competition composes of primary schools section , secondary schools section , and open section
  5. The score of the set piece for the open section of chromatic harmonica harmonica solo category will be dispatched upon receiving the application form , starting from early august

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