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  • 丛林大反攻
  • 解禁期间
  • 开放季节
  • 渔、猎等开放期狩猎期间
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  1. Open season on sluts . felt like the thing to do
  2. October to february is the open season for pheasant in britain
  3. You can fish in the open season , but not in the close season
  4. That opening season would feature his first international appearance , in the friendly against australia in february 2003
    不久后他就首次代表英格兰, 2003年2月的友谊赛他为三狮军团出战澳大利亚。
  5. Because hardship from globalisation is so difficult to distinguish from hardship in general , it would be open season to put up trade barriers in industry after industry

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