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1.独一个的,单一的。 one hand 一只手。 one shot 只出一期的杂志。 O- swallow doesn't make a summer. 孤燕不成夏。 O- manone vote. 一人一票。 No one man can do it. 一个人来干,是谁也干不了的。
2.某(一个人)。 one Smith 一个叫史密斯的人。 Some one man must direct. 总得有一个人指挥才行。 one day [morn+More...
  • -one:    后缀 【化学】表示“酮”。
  • a one:    adj. 〔口语〕第一流的。 The ...
  • as one:    一致
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  1. The bisection method finds only one of them .
  2. The snowflakes melt the moment they touch one 's hand .
  3. At last gerald had but one day more .
  4. The earth completes one revolution each day .
  5. For years i have lived with only one lung .

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