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  1. High stability against outside influences thanks to auto - profiling ( on - peak - measurement )
  2. Cool ( heat ) storage is used extensively , not only can adjust supply and need of energy , shift electric loads from on - peak to off - peak , balance energy system , but also can reduce energy consumption , realize high - efficient and logical utilization of energy
  3. Time constraints in the grid environment resemble time sensitivity in data management but also require a grid application to be aware of such concerns as scheduled maintenance routines , database backup activities , differences between on - peak and off - peak availability , and similar resource management issues
    网格环境中的时间约束问题与数据管理( d9 )中的时间敏感性问题十分相似,但是也要求网格应用程序知道诸如规划好的维护例程、数据库备份活动、高峰期和非高峰期可用性之间的差异,以及其他类似的资源管理问题。
  4. Using the electric power during nighttime ( off - peak period ) , the cooling load is stored on the underground soil partially or fully to satisfy the air conditioning load requirement during daytime ( on - peak period ) . based on the above , the theoretical and experimental researches on the performance of ghe under coupled heat conduction and heat advection are implemented in this paper
    基于此,本文对这种新型集成系统的地下埋管换热器在热渗耦合理论下的传热特性展开了理论和实验研究(本文研究为国家自然科学基金( no . 50378024 )项目的一部分) 。

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