on gross meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "on gross" in a sentence
  • 按毛计算
  • gross:    adj. 1.粗壮的,肥大的;魁伟的 ...
  • by the gross:    整批,按箩计算
  • in gross:    非附属于土地的权利
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  1. This is characterized by evidence of a chronic inflammatory on gross or microscopic examination .
  2. Values are based on gross capacity
  3. But i have a sense of value . " something about mary " depends on gross humor
    但是我有判断的价值标准, 《哈拉玛莉》靠的是低级的笑料。
  4. The business interruption insurance provides compensation for loss of use of machinery breakdown , on gross profit
  5. Under the proposed legislation , the betting duty will be set at the rate of 50 per cent on gross profits , which will be assessed on an annual basis

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