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Pronunciation:   "on good terms" in a sentence   "on good terms" meaning
  • 和睦
  • good:    adj. (better; best ...
  • term:    n. 1.期限,期间。 2.学期,任 ...
  • be on good terms:    关系处得好; 关系好
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  1. You have to be on good terms with its frequenters .
  2. They are on good terms .
  3. Get someone who is on good terms with him to try and persuade him .
  4. The cruel wolf growing old, formed the gentle resolution of living on good terms with the shepherds.
  5. She wanted to be on good terms with them but, while she strove to be polite, her eyes followed mr. holohan in his limping and devious courses .

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