on board bill of lading meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "on board bill of lading" in a sentence
  • 已装船提单货物
  • 已装运提单
  • 已装运提货单
  • 装船提单
  • board:    n. 1.板〔通常指宽4英寸半以上厚 ...
  • bill:     bill3 n. 1.( ...
  • lading:    n. 1.装载;汲取。 2.船货,货 ...
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  1. We surrendered a clean on board bill of lading for negotiation of payment
  2. Full set clean on board bills of lading issued on carrier ' s official printed stationery with carrier ' s logo on it
  3. An on board bill of lading indicates that the goods have been actually loaded on board of the carrying vessel bound for the port of destination
  4. Full set of original clean on board bill of lading marked " freight collect " upto hamburg or iquique . final destination hamburg or iquique , made out to order and blank endorsed
  5. Documents : the sellers shall present to the negotiating bank , clean on board bill of lading , invoice , quality certificate issued by the china commodity inspection bureau or the manufacturers , survey report on quantity / weight issued by the china commodity inspection bureau , and transferable insurance policy or insurance certificate when this contract is made on cif basis

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