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[ 'əumen ] Pronunciation:   "omen" in a sentence   "omen" meaning
  • n.
    前兆,预兆,兆头。 an evil [ill] omen 凶兆。 a good omen 吉兆。 be of good [bad] omen 兆头好[不好]。vt.,vi.
  • the omen:    新天魔666; 凶兆特别版
  • a bad omen:    坏兆头
  • absit omen:    〔拉丁语〕 大吉大利〔迷信语,原意是 ...
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  1. It is said to be an omen of misfortune .
  2. The superstitious regard it as a bad omen .
  3. The public omens were bleak .
  4. I took it as a good omen .
  5. Some people consider a black cat a creature of ill omen .

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