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  • 油浸绝缘纸
  • 油浸纸
  • 油纸
  • oiled:    adj. 1.涂了油的;油浸的;化成 ...
  • paper:    n. 1.纸;裱墙纸。 2.报纸,报 ...
  • oiled offset paper:    浸油胶印用纸
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  1. Oiled paper umbrella have got auctorial signature
  2. Properties of unpunched oiled paper perforator tape
  3. He had lost his hat somewhere , with the bunch of matches in the band , but the matches against his chest were safe and dray inside the tobacco pouch and oil paper
  4. He divided them into several portions , wrapping them in oil paper , disposing of one bunch in his empty tobacco pouch , of another bunch in the inside band of his battered hat , of a third bunch under his shirt on the chest

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