oiled leather meaning in Chinese

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  • 涂油革
  • oiled:    adj. 1.涂了油的;油浸的;化成 ...
  • leather:    n. 1.皮,皮革。 2.革制品;〔 ...
  • newly oiled:    刚浸过油的
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  1. Accompanying him also were the smells of chewing tobacco , well - oiled leather and horses - a combination of odours that she always associated with her father and instinctively liked in other men
  2. The raw materials of this serial are tortoise patten , oil leather , suede leather and cowhide , which are mainly imported from amercian and italian . on making this serial , in addition to lay stress on giving free rein to the features of leather itself , we also mix the exquisite style and excerent handwork to show the noble quality and the makings of elegant

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