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  1. Hey , isn ' t he that ohno guy , the american skater
  2. Double - i slugs , no love , straight thugs one time for my niggaz in the jail cell
    Ohno我理都不想理friday - night的约会我说没时间
  3. Back then , the 1 , 000m could have been a good chance , although the two spots to qualify for the semifinals seemed to be reserved to the top favourites apolo ohno and marc gagnon
    在那时, 1000米还可能是个不错的机会,尽管好像进入半决赛的两个席位已经被顶级种子选手阿波罗"奥诺和马克"加农所预定。
  4. Sakurai sho plays an ambitious novelist ; ninomiya kazunari , an aspiring manga artist ; aiba masaki , an aspiring singer ; and ohno satoshi , a young painter . matsumoto jun portrays a young man who moved to tokyo to find his own way

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