observe a festival meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "observe a festival" in a sentence
  • 庆祝节日
  • observe:    vt. 1.遵守(时间,法律、习惯等 ...
  • festival:    adj. 节日的,喜庆的。 n. 1 ...
  • observe on:    评论


  1. The product structure is a high level health care drugs , cotton brigade of is a high level customer , to packing of the design need to be fine to , can ' t care an article to lump together arbitrarily with garbage , people ' s living level has already got a huge exaltation now , consume mental state to also take place 90 degree changes , not at is one - time ground observe a festival type consumption , to oneself buy of product is also carefully chosen , past according to health care the drugs do this packing the creation of the structure

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