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    〔常用大写字母〕哦! 哟!…啊!唉!哎呀〔表示惊讶、恐怖、赞叹、愿望等〕。 O for a rest! 唉!休息休息才好! O Life! 啊,生活! O! Mr. John! 唷,原来是约翰先生。 O dear (me)! 哎呀!哎唷! O that ...〔诗〕但愿…!
  • -o-:     comb. f. 〔构成 ...
  • o or:    发起; 申办者; 允诺人; 主办单位
  • o':     o' = 1.= of: ...
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  1. O ! the huanghe ( river ) , cradle of the chinese nation .
  2. Gaskets and o rings are made of elastomers .
  3. We call o the additive identity .
  4. The operator o is the null operator .
  5. Let us draw the circle with center at o and radius equal to a .

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