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(nubbin 的复数) n. 小瘤, 小节, (玉蜀黍)发育不良的穗
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  1. however, this animal belonged to a subfamily that usually had bony nubbins a few inches long above their eyes
  2. the most ancient ? and easily the most controversial ? evidence of life on the blue planet turned up seven years ago on a tiny nubbin of land at the southwest corner of greenland's cold and barren island of akilia
  3. the result indicates that the number of piriform gland spigot and aciniform gland spigot, with or without nubbin and cylindrical gland spigot, the number of cylindrical gland spigots, etc . are different in the three families . the trichobothrial sockets of species are different in the shape of the depression and the number of wrinkles on their surface
  4. electric-controller is nubbin in developping . we are based on designing to structure of circuit, we are dead against in time and stabilization for controlling and communications, precision and rapidity for transformation etc . we have completed to select on microprocessor, clock-frequency and a / d transfer . it carry out transformation for valve position signal, and select on solid-switch ac

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