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  1. However , this animal belonged to a subfamily that usually had bony nubbins a few inches long above their eyes
  2. The most ancient ? and easily the most controversial ? evidence of life on the blue planet turned up seven years ago on a tiny nubbin of land at the southwest corner of greenland ' s cold and barren island of akilia
  3. The result indicates that the number of piriform gland spigot and aciniform gland spigot , with or without nubbin and cylindrical gland spigot , the number of cylindrical gland spigots , etc . are different in the three families . the trichobothrial sockets of species are different in the shape of the depression and the number of wrinkles on their surface
  4. Electric - controller is nubbin in developping . we are based on designing to structure of circuit , we are dead against in time and stabilization for controlling and communications , precision and rapidity for transformation etc . we have completed to select on microprocessor , clock - frequency and a / d transfer . it carry out transformation for valve position signal , and select on solid - switch ac
    在控制器的电路结构设计的基础上,考虑到通讯、控制的及时、稳定、转换的精度和速度等几方面,主要完成对微处理器的选择、时钟频率和a d转换器的选用,阀位变送功能的实现,固态交流开关和显示器的选择等。

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