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  • 斯堪的纳维亚戒酒交通联盟


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  1. Proportion between atte - nuat ion and series disturbance
  2. With loe ’ s idea of singular blending , this paper addresses non - uniform algebraic trigonometric ( nuat ) b - spline curve and surface interpolation methods
    本文主要应用loe ’ s的奇异混合思想,研究了非均匀代数三角( nuat ) b样条曲线曲面的插值方法
  3. By using multiple knot insertion techniques , cusps and straight - line segments allow to arise in the nuat b - spline interpolating curve , and its slackness and smoothness can be controlled by the change of the parameter
    2 .通过重节点插入技术构造了带有尖点或直线段的混合插值曲线,分析了混合因子对插值曲线松弛性的调节作用
  4. The main achievements are as follows : 1 . based on the idea to blend a nuat b - spline curve with a singularly parameterized polygon according to parameter , a local interpolation method is presented for nuat b - spline curve , by which a c ~ 2 nuat b - spline interpolating curve of order 4 without solving a global linear system of equations is generated . 2
    主要研究结果如下: 1 .提出了一种局部插值方法,将一条nuatb样条曲线和一个奇异参数化多边形按混合因子相混合,不需求解方程组就能生成一条c ~ 2连续的四阶nuatb样条混合插值曲线
  5. 3 . again applying the idea of singular blending to case of surfaces , a nuat b - spline interpolating blending surface is constructed by a explicit means and maximum distance between the interpolating surface and singular bilinear patch can be adjusted by the blending parameter similar to the case of the curve above . furthermore , some singular elements such as edges 、 ruled surfaces and plane can be conveniently embedded in the interpolating blending surface
    3 .将奇异混合思想应用到曲面插值上,提出了nuatb样条曲面混合插值方法,该方法不仅给出了插值的显格式,而且在插值曲面中可任意镶嵌棱边、直纹面或平面,利用混合因子,调节插值曲面与相应奇异双线性曲面片之间的最大距离

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