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[ nɔt ] Pronunciation:   "not" in a sentence   "not" meaning
  • adv.
    1.〔谓语、句子的否定语〕 (a)用作助动词的否定式时,常略作 n't: isn't, aren't, wasn't, weren't, haven't, hasn't, hadn't, don't , doesn't, didn't, won't , wouldn't, shan't , shouldn't, can't , mayn't, mightn't, mustn't , oughtn't, needn't, daren't, used+More...
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  1. Since i am not crazy, i do not care .
  2. I do not like ruined, tattered cottages .
  3. His message was not very happily worded .
  4. But the method does not disturb the profits .
  5. I can not bring him to my point of view .

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