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Pronunciation:   "not in position" in a sentence
  • 单板不在位
  • not:    adv. 不。 1.〔谓语、句子的否 ...
  • position:    n. 1.位置;方位;地点。 2.处 ...
  • a-position:    a台; 甲交换机
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  1. She 's not in position to decide .
  2. Your men are still not in position
  3. There would be plenty of time for this , for martin was not in position to marry
  4. For attack when the opponent is not in position for more effective blows
  5. That this country was not in position to engage in a two - front - war ? and not , indeed , “ in the best military position ” as yet to seek any sort of “ showdown
    美国并处在一个要陷入双线作战的局面,也并非可以“站在一个最有利的军事局面”去寻求任何“决战。 ”

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