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  • 不爽快
  • not:    adv. 不。 1.〔谓语、句子的否 ...
  • frank:    adj. 1.率直的,直言不讳的,坦 ...
  • frank:    n. 弗兰克〔男子名〕。 ...
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  1. My name ' s not frank
  2. Bill was not frank with sarah when he said he had never met jill ; she was his last girlfriend
  3. We ca n ' t divide the multiple streams time series into singleness times series simply in the research of multiple streams time series , we ' ll dissever the relation between the events of the multiple streams . although the msdd can find the dependency relationship of multiple streams , but it have n ' t the initialization of the events , the express of the time relationship between events is not frank , the cost of the algorithm is expensive ( o ( n5 ) ) , i ca n ' t find much more knowledge in multiple time series , it find the dependency patterns only of the multiple time series , so there need a new more effective , frank , complete algorithm to find the knowledge
    研究多流时序不能简单地将它割裂为单流时序,因为这样就割裂了数据流事件之间的关系。虽然msdd能够发现多流时间序列中的依赖模式,但是由于其缺少对数据的初始化、事件之间时间关系的表示不直观、算法执行的时间空间开销很大( o ( n ~ 5 ) ) 、不能够充分发现多流时间序列包含的知识,它只发现依赖关系,因此研究新的,高效,全面的发现多流时间序列事件之间关系的算法成为必要。本文分析了单一和多流时间序列中的知识发现,把多流时间序列事件内部存在的关系表示为:关联模式、依赖模式、突变模式。

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