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Pronunciation:   "not but that" in a sentence
  • 虽然..., 除非..
  • not:    adv. 不。 1.〔谓语、句子的否 ...
  • but:    adv. 〔苏格兰语〕向外;向外室, ...
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...
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  1. I can not do it , not but that a stronger man might .
  2. I can not do it not but that a stronger might ..
  3. The boy is very healthy - - not but that he will catch colds sometimes
    这男孩很健康- -虽然有时候也感冒。
  4. I pleas d my self with the design , without determining whether i was ever able to undertake it ; not but that the difficulty of launching my boat came often into my head ; but i put a stop to my own enquiries into it , by this foolish answer which i gave my self , let s first make it , i ll warrant i ll find some way or other to get it along , when tis done
    任何有头脑的人都不会像我这样傻就着手去造船。我对自己的计划十分得意,根本不去仔细想想计划的可行性。虽然我也想到船建成后下水可能是一大难题,但对于自己的疑惑,我总是愚蠢地认为: "把船造好了再说。

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