not a damn thing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "not a damn thing" in a sentence
  • 什么也没有
  • 什麽也没有
  • not:    adv. 不。 1.〔谓语、句子的否 ...
  • damn:    vt. 1.指责,攻击。 2.毁坏, ...
  • thing:    n. (斯堪的那维亚各国的)议会[司 ...
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  1. There's not a damn thing special about any of us .
  2. And there ' s not a damn thing you can do about that , steve
  3. The priest says , " not a damn thing if the man can ' t fight .
    牧师说: “如果他不会打,那手势就什么也不是”

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