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〔拉丁语〕非,不是 (=not)。 non assumpsit 【法律】被告否认契约的答辩。 non compos mentis 【法律】精神错乱的,发狂的。 non esse =nonexistence. non est (inventus) 住址不明(He is non est. 他地址不明)。 non-licet adj.〔拉丁语〕 不法的。 non liquet 【法律】(诉讼有疑问时陪审员所作的)延期审判的评决。 non nobis (荣耀)不要归+More...
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  1. Par in parem imperium non habet is an indisputable legal maxim in the world .
  2. His life is a logical result of his opinions, and mine is a contemptible non sequitur .
  3. Non - commercial forest construction - technical regulation
  4. The government is pursuing a policy of non - intervention
  5. Non - vitreous ceramic plumbing fixtures ; supplement 1

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