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[ nəu ] Pronunciation:   "no" in a sentence   "no" meaning
  • adj.
    1.〔加在单数名词前,相当于冠词 a, an 的否定形式〕(一个也)没有。 Is there a book on the table 桌子上有一本书吗? - No, there is no book there. 没有,桌上一本书也没有。 She has no mother while he has no father. 他没有父亲,她却没有母亲。
    2.〔加在复数普通名词及不可数名词前〕一点儿也没有。 There are no clouds in th+More...
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  1. It has no discernible effect on spondylitis .
  2. I'm nudging fifty, i'm no chicken .
  3. He was of no use at all in the business .
  4. He made no compromise with the public taste .
  5. There have been no transport for many weeks .

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