no less a person than meaning in Chinese

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  • 身分不低于
  • 身份不低于
  • no:    no. =number.
  • less:    adj. 〔little 的比较级之 ...
  • person:    n. 1.人;个人。 2.〔蔑称〕家 ...
  • than:     He has no ot ...


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  1. We hope to invite no less a person than an assistantprofessor
  2. He is no less a person than a minister
  3. He is no less a person than a minister
  4. Sure enough , there were two men just outside the stockade , one of them waving a white cloth ; the other , no less a person than silver himself , standing placidly by
  5. One special runner was a guest from the united states - no less a person than dr sam , president of the nutrilite health institute , who joined with the amway contingent to run a 10 km race

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