no leakage meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "no leakage" in a sentence
  • 无漏泄
  • 无渗漏
  • no:    no. =number.
  • leakage:    n. 1.漏,漏出。 2.泄露。 3 ...
  • for leakage:    漏泄检验
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  1. Elastic sealing , no leakage and long service life
  2. Check no leakage / overheat for brake unit
  3. Bibbles - tight sesling with no leakage under the pressure test
  4. 4 easy installation , no leakage , installation of joint within one minute
  5. No leakage in the windows under wind speed of 60m / s or 216 km / hr

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