no growth meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "no growth" in a sentence
  • 没有增长;不增长;非增长;不生长
  • no:    no. =number.
  • growth:    n. 1.生长,成长,发育,发展。 ...
  • a growth:    成长; 一片草木
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  1. The soviet union needed no growth in its military capabilities to attack it even if it was not yet strong enough to take on the west .
  2. Week of plague : creatures in all dwellings die . no growth for all creatures
  3. There is little or no growth in the carmakers ' oldest markets
  4. In contrast , sarcomas ( which affect connectie tissues ) did not undergo apoptosis but went into a state of senescence , or no growth
  5. There will be no growth in the fleet of citybus and new world first bus nwfb in year 2000 and their fleet have been capped at 961 and 730 respectively

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