no bias meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "no bias" in a sentence
  • 无偏压
  • 无偏置
  • no:    no. =number.
  • bias:    vt. (biased, biasi ...
  • bias:    n. 1.成见,先入之见,偏执,偏见 ...
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  1. Sadness and neutrality triggered no bias
  2. There would be no bias towards small groups nor would large organisations be in a more advantageous position to apply the fund
  3. The judiciary is independent from the legislative and executive branches of government , with the courts showing no bias
  4. That means a well - directed brute - force search on a 168 - bit key would , on average , succeed in 2 , 109 attempts , instead of the 2 , 111 attempts that would be expected if no bias existed
  5. As a computer software , expert system ( es ) has some merit such as acute precision , high speed , no tiredness , no bias , etc . , which man is inferior to . along with the coming of information age , the role of es becomes more and more important

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