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  • n.
    【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a nickel note 〔美国〕五元钞票。 a nickel nurser 〔美俚〕小气鬼,守财奴。 don't take any wooden nickels 〔美国〕当心,别上当。vt.
    (〔英语〕 -ll-) 镀镍于。
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  1. Don't take any bad nickels .
  2. Chain stores won't let john d. rockefeller charged a nickel .
  3. The earth's core, at least the outer one is believed to consist of nickel and iron .
  4. Commercially two main types of hydrogenations are carried out with nickel catalyst .
  5. This is essentially a development of thoria dispersion strengthened nickel alloys .

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