negative reaction meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "negative reaction" in a sentence
  • 负反馈
  • 负反力
  • 负反应
  • 阴性反应
  • negative:    adj. 1.否定的,否认的;拒绝的 ...
  • reaction:    n. 1.反作用,反应;反冲;反动力 ...
  • reaction negative:    反应阴性,吸收阳性
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  1. The negative reaction overwhelmed what was supposed to be an upbeat day wednesday for apple
  2. But tests with a mock - up produced such a negative reaction that the company all but dropped the technology , except for use in military refuelling aircraft
  3. Banked blood lasts only 42 days , has to be refrigerated and must be cross - matched to patients to avoid negative reactions with incompatible blood types
  4. Most of them have a negative reaction that is discernable if they could go into analysis . atheism leaves too many intelligent questions unanswered , and produces too many other fresh unanswerable questions
  5. The cultivated cells showed positive reaction for - smooth muscle actin ( - sma ) antibody , and negative reaction for factor antibody with immunocytochemical assay
    细胞表面有微绒毛,胞质内有丰富的细胞器,无因子小体;免疫细胞化学显示细胞呈平滑肌肌动蛋白( - sma )阳性,因子相关抗原阴性。

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