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  • 凹下部分
  • 沉降区
  • 负异常区
  • 下沉地区
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  • negative:    adj. 1.否定的,否认的;拒绝的 ...
  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • be negative to:    电压比低
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  1. Experimental study on shear strengthening with cfrp in negative area of cantilever beams
  2. Now , if we apply this to the negative areas in our life and we want to create life changing things in our life , we have to apply this in a positive way
  3. The statistical result shows that about 50 percent of earthquakes occurred in the positive area of coulomb rupture stress of the preceding earthquake . 30 percent of earthquake occurs in the negative area and20 percent of them occurred in the boundary area
    统计结果表明:大约50地震均发生在前一次地震的库仑破裂应力变化正值区, 30发生在应力变化负值区, 20发生在正负交界区。
  4. ( 5 ) as torsion is increased , the anticlockwise secondary vortexes and the negative area of the stream function increase ; the axial velocity moves anticlockwise ( annular pipe ) or clockwise ( circular pipe ) ; the friction factor ratio finally reaches the value about 1
    ( 5 )增大挠率,逆时针方向旋转的一二次涡和流函数的负值区域增大,轴向速度最大值的位置按逆时针(环形截面)或顺时针(圆截面)方向旋转,摩擦系数比最终趋向于1 。

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