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  • 自然观察者智能
  • 自然观察智能
  • 自然主义智力
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  1. On the base of large quantity of scientific research , gardner pointed out there were eight styles of intelligences : linguistic intelligence , logical - mathematical intelligence , spatial - intelligence , bodily - kinesthetic intelligence , musical intelligence , interpersonal intelligence . intra - personal intelligence and naturalist intelligence
  2. Gardner defines intelligence as an ability to solve problems or create products that are valued in at least one or more culture settings . his view of intelligence suggests that all people possess at least eight different intelligences which operate in varying degrees . these intelligences as identified by gardner include linguistic intelligence , logical / mathematical intelligence , spatial intelligence , musical intelligence , bodily / kinesthetic intelligence , interpersonal intelligence , intrapersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence
    加德纳将智力定义为在特定的文化背景下或社会中,解决问题或制造有效产品的能力,他根据“智力选择依据系统” ,经过严格论证筛选,提出人类智力至少应包括:语言智能、数学逻辑智能、空间智能、身体运动智能、音乐智能、人际关系智能、自我认识智能和自然观察智能等8种智能。
  3. Howard gardner , the psychologist of harvard university believes people have mulhple intelligences , besides verbatingulstic intelligence , logicaouathematical intelligence , people also have vsual / spatial inelligence , musicarmythinic intelligence , bodi1yxinesthetic hitelligence , interpersonal intelligence , intrapersonal intelligence , naturalist intelligence , existential intelligence

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