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  1. Nass is a product category term recently coined by peripheral concepts , inc . santa barbara - based market research firm
    Nass是最近由加州圣巴巴拉市的一个市场调研公司? ?外设概念公司杜撰出的一种产品类名称。
  2. Nass acts as a specialized " data mover " , pushing and pulling files such as text , images and video clips over a network
  3. As a result , many users have begun to consolidate their lan storage in high - performance , high - availability , high - capacity network - attached storage servers ( nass )
    因而,很多用户已开始把局域网存储设备集中到高性能、高可用性和大容量的联网存储服务器( nass )上。
  4. The growing realization that consolidation of servers and their associated storage devices can dramatically reduce the long term cost of maintenance and management is a powerful force driving the acceptance of highly scalable nass

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