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  1. It is a pretty story, albeit a trifle naif .
  2. The introduction is stiff , embarrassing ; naif
  3. Naif chuckles . " now maybe the arabs will get some sense .
    乃夫吃吃地笑了: "现在也许阿拉伯人得到了些理智。
  4. The previous question is important to me , and i prevent naif from changing the subject : i ask him to explain to me what , for him , is the difference between " jews like there used to be " and the israelis now
    先前的问题对我来说比较重要,所以我阻止了乃夫叉开话题:我请他给我解释以下,对他来说, "以前的犹太人"跟现在的以色列人有什么区别。

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