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〔美国英语〕=National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 〔美国〕国家航空咨询委员会。
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  1. In this paper , some flows around naca 0012 aerofoil , m6 wing and two different blunt vehicles are simulated , the results show that the present algorithm possesses good characteristics and capability for normal mach number and for hypersonic of simple configurations
    通过对naca0012翼型、 m6机翼、钝头以及双钝锥?柱体的算例验证,本文能很好的解决一般马赫数问题,能够很好的求解简单外形的高超声速问题,对于复杂外形飞行器还需要进一步进行研究验证。

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