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  1. Why , this count of monte cristo must be a nabob ?
    看来,这位基督山伯爵是一位富豪了! ”
  2. " why , he must be a nabob
  3. " i am very sure no nabob would have sent me a pair of horses worth 32 , 000 francs , wearing on their heads four diamonds valued at 5 , 000 francs each .
    “我敢绝对肯定没有哪一个印度王公会送我一对价值三万法郎的马,还给马头戴上四颗每颗价值五千法郎的钻石。 ”
  4. So extreme was the surprise of the sailor , that he was unable even to thank edmond , whose receding figure he continued to gaze after in speechless astonishment . " some nabob from india , " was his comment
    最后,他深深地吸了一口气,再看一看他手中的金币,回到了码头上,自言自语的说: “这是印度来的一个大富翁。 ”
  5. He had the whitest shirt on you ever see , too , and the shiniest hat ; and there ain t a man in that town that s got as fine clothes as what he had ; and he had a gold watch and chain , and a silver - headed cane - the awfulest old gray - headed nabob in the state

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