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  • n:    N =nuclear 核的:N-wa ...
  • acetyl:    n. 【化学】乙酰(基)。
  • l:    L,£ = 〔拉丁语〕 libra ...
  • cysteine:    n. 【生物化学】半胱胺酸。
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  1. Effects of n - acetyl - l - cysteine on expressions of matrix metalloproteinases in lung tissue of sio2 exposed rats
  2. There are many derivatives of these amino acids , but n - acetyl - l - cysteine , gluthathione and adenosylmethionine are very useful
    含硫氨基酸衍生物产品众多,其中最具代表性的是n -乙酰- l -半胱氨酸,谷胱甘肽,腺苷蛋氨酸。

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