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  • 大小比较逻辑数位
  • 大小比较逻辑数字
  • n:    N =nuclear 核的:N-wa ...
  • r:     r = 1.refrig ...
  • t n r:    泰内雷
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  1. R - n - r - nour products are exported to international chain stores and brand owners
  2. R - n - r - nqc : - r - nwe have established sophisticated quality control systems over the years . the factory is iso9001 certified . some of our wooden mirror cabinets are in conformity with ce international standards . - r - n - r - na team of specialists including marketing staff , qa staff , engineers product designers take care of the whole product development processes
  3. During the research , some discussions such as how to solve transient problem using time - stepping method and how to solve nonlinear problem using n - r method are presented . finally , the nonlinear transient electromagnetic field of a 600mw turbo - generator is solved and the simulation results verify the methods
  4. Then each . cable - strut - membrane unit is analyzed by adopt the non - linear finite element analytical method . according to virtual work principle , the equation of solving is formed , from the timid displacement principle , derive and happen to ask the equation of solving . through the whole n - r method , cooperative form - finding of the cable - strut - membrane structure will be realized
    然后,采用非线性有限元分析方法,对各个单元进行分析,由虚位移原理,推导出求解方程,通过全n - r法迭代,实现索杆膜结构的协同找形。
  5. The report discusses technical ways to implement digital signature , introduces several representative signature schemes and specifies n - r - q new scheme . in software design , the expression of large integer is defined by a new method based on dsp and large integer operation algorithms are designed according to that . after completing the signature program in assembler by special repertoire of dsp ( tms320c50 ) , we run it on the platform of software simulator and give out the results
    针对n - r - qnew数字签名方案,在软件设计中,基于dsp对大整数的表示重新进行了的描述,相应设计了大整数的基本运算算法,用dsp ( tms320c50 )的专用指令系统完成了数字签名软件的汇编程序设计,并在软件仿真平台上对其进行了仿真,通过仿真结果阐述了用dsp实现数字签名的可行性。

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