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  • 梅斯
  • 莫老师
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  1. But i can ' t help mys . elf
  2. It has been found that whether the beryllium material is produced by hp or hip , the mys value will rise remarkably as the grain size is reduced , which conforms to the hall - petch formula
    发现无论是热压还是静压铍材,随着晶粒尺寸的变小,其_ ( mys )显著提高,符合hall - petch公式。
  3. Compared with the htped beryllium material with the same particle size , the hot - pressed beryllium material has lower mys , . value because its higher consolidation temperature will cause grains to grow
    在用相同粒度粉末成形固结时,由于热压温度较高,晶粒有所长大,因此,热压铍材_ ( mys )较静压铍材低。
  4. The hiped beryllium material has higher mys value because of not only its lower consolidation temperature and higher consolidation pressure but also the more uniformly and finely dispersed distribution of its beo phase
    静压铍材由于其细小均匀beo的弥散分布,加上在较低温度和高压下成形固结,从而_ ( mys )较高。
  5. The research findings with regard to the microstructure of beryllium material , especially the micro - yield mechanism based on the analysis of dislocation movement will perfect and enrich the content of the worldwide research on mys mechanism
    在微观组织结构研究,特别是通过位错运动状况探讨微屈服机理方面所做的工作,完善和丰富了世界_ ( mys )机理研究的内容。

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