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  • n.
    【解剖学】肌(肉);体力,膂力,力气。 an involuntary muscle 不随意肌。 a voluntary muscle 随意肌。 a man of muscle 大力士。 not move a muscle 毫不动容,神色不变。vi.
    〔美俚〕发挥膂力;用力挤着前进 (through)。 muscle in 硬挤进;干涉,侵入;强夺。adj.
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  1. This disease causes muscle pain and rashes .
  2. The anconeus is a small triangular muscle .
  3. A muscle biopsy is positive for fungus .
  4. The back muscles of the thoracic region are thinner .
  5. Sternal muscles include two muscle groups .

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