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[ mu:v ] Pronunciation:   "move" in a sentence   "move" meaning
  • vt.
    1.动,移,移动,搬动(opp. fix);开动;使运行;摇动。
    2.感动,鼓动,激动;使感动得… ;引起(人)…的兴致,打动,发动;刺激,鼓励 (to do)。
  • and move on:    做几次深呼吸
  • move in:    搬进来; 搬入新居; 生活于, 迁入 ...
  • move in on:    潜近..., 企图夺取, 企图从处夺 ...
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  1. The mp moved an amendment to the bill .
  2. They halt to consider their next move .
  3. He moved to leeds and set up as a printer .
  4. The furniture is too cumbersome to move .
  5. Well , let us move on to the next item .

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