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  • 动机与效果
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  1. Idealists stress motive and ignore effect , while mechanical materialists stress effect and ignore motive . in contradistinction to both , we dialectical materialists insist on the unity of motive and effect
  2. Because there are some conflicts between science and technology development and person ' s social responsibility , also motive and effect of knowledge achievements ' application , science and technology development has negative influence on person ' s development to a certain extent
  3. Since the end of last century , the trends of financial cross - border merger have deserved intensive attention and extensive researches from policy - makers , researchers and financial press on its motives and effects
  4. This paper regards game theory as tools , through relaxing the market competition structure of ssr model , expanding the behavior pattern after merging of ssr model enterprise , considering the situation with insufficient production capacity after enterprises merging , have analyzed motive and effect of horizontal merger
  5. First of all , i dissect various motive theory of merge ; secondly , introduce ssr model based on horizontal merger and expansion of it of scholars of various countries briefly ; moreover , research motives and effect of horizontal merger based on some new assumption , carry on the simple real example to the horizontal merger of the listed company of our country , and explain the conclusion of studying through the case of merger of boeing and mcdonnell douglas companies ; finally , summarize on this text

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