moreno meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "moreno" in a sentence
  • 莫雷尼奥
  • 莫雷努
  • 莫雷诺
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  1. Watch the amazing spanish windsurfing goddesses , the moreno twins
  2. To speak of his talent , his accolades , his awards is redundant , moreno said
    莫里诺说: “现在说他的才华、荣誉和奖项都是多余的。
  3. Mr moreno - ocampo insists he is “ not targeting any particular suspect at this stage ”
  4. Miss venezuela claudio - moreno was first runner - up , spain is the third miss helen - abusers
  5. The factory ' s production manager graciela moreno , says the process they follow dates from the 16th century

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