more actions meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "more actions" in a sentence
  • 更多操作
  • more:    adj. 〔many, much 的 ...
  • action:    n. 1.动作,活动;行为,行动。 ...
  • actions:    动作; 功能; 行动; 行为
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  1. More actions will be taken in the coming new year
  2. Well , that can only mean less deliberating and more action
  3. - did you see any more action ? - i didn ' t
    -接下来你打算怎么办? -不知道
  4. Did you see any more action ? - i didn ' t
    接下来你打算怎么办? -不知道
  5. Back for more action , eh , scooter
    回来挑战我吗嗯, "斯颗特

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