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  1. In this paper , the study is carried out on the design of mooring bed and simulation of mooring loads of the ship - based helicopter , so as to meet the demands of our national defence
  2. This paper introduces the problems about large open wharf , analyzes the causes of the problems , and expounds the necessity of setting up the early warning system for real - time monitoring of the mooring load and fender pressure
  3. This paper introduces the mooring problems in exposed wharf , composition and application of the mooring load monitoring system , characteristics of products from main manufactures in the world , as well as the application situation and suggestion on utilization
  4. Then , the area - distribution is optimized based on the optimization of single helicopter . lastly , new software system is developed successfully , using c + + language , matlab , ansys , and so on . the function of the software includes the landing - points gathering , the model building , simulation of mooring loads and optimization of the mooring bed distribution
    4 .以visualc + +为前台开发工具,结合matlab 、 ansys等辅助软件工具,开发出了一套完整的仿真软件系统,可以实现舰载直升机的落点位置采集、落点模型建立、系留强度仿真及系留方案优化等功能,为舰面设计提供了一套有价值的辅助工具。

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