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  1. Furthermore , the strategies for protection of e . mollis are discussed in this paper
  2. Elacagnus mollis is one of chinese endemic plants and it is considered an endangered plant on the brink of extinction
  3. The eco - environmental characteristics of e . mollis areas are as follows : heat energy is efficiency , annual rainfall is small and stands are poor
  4. The ecological relationship of species , community and environment in elaeagnus mollis communities were studied by using twinspan and dca
  5. Elaeagnus mollis is one of the larger shrubs and dwarf trees , being an endemic to china and one of the china protected two - grade rare and endangered plants
    翅果油树( elaeagnusmollis )是一种乔木状灌丛或小乔木,为国家2级珍稀濒危保护植物。

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